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Welcome to Hua-An Group's Investor Relations FAQs

1) What is Hua-An Group's core business?

Hua-An Group through its wholly-owned subsidiary Linyi Yehua Coking Co., Ltd is principally involved in the production and sale of metallurgical coke and its by-products namely, coal gas, tar, ammonia sulphate, crude benzene, coal slime and middlings.

2) What is metallurgical coke?

Metallurgical coke is made of low sulphur bituminious coal. The process involved baking the coal on an oven for more that 22 hours with temperature exceeding 1,000 degree celcious to drive out the residue which includes smoke producing constitutient. That produces metallurgical coke, an end product which is a fusion of fixed carbon and residual ash. Metallurgical coke is used as a reducing agent in smelting iron ore, a key ingredient for steel manufacturing.

3) Why Hua-An Group choose to list in Malaysia & when was the Company listed?

In 2005, Hong Kong Stock Exchange was only interested in huge market capital public companies. In Singapore, there were over 100 Chinese Companies listed on SGX and lower PE was offered. In view of being the first Chinese company to be listed on Bursa Malaysia and better PE offering, Hua-An Group decided to list in Malaysia. Hua-An Group was officially listed on Bursa Malaysia on 26 March 2007.

4) How much funds was raised during IPO & their allocation of utilization?

RM 200 million was raised. RM 150 million was earmarked for capital expenditure, RM 15 million each for setting up marketing office in Malaysia & working capital for coke operation and balance RM 20 million was expenses relating to restructuring scheme.

5) What is the par value of each share, issue price and the present amount of outstanding shares?

RM 0.50 is the par value, issue price is RM 1.00 and present outstanding share is 1,122.3 million share.

6) When is the end of Hua-An Group's fiscal year?

31 December

7) What is the total employee headcount for the company?

1,000 skilled production workers & 15 management executives. In line with the 600,000 tons of metallurgical coke capacity expansion, additional 500 skilled workers joined Hua-An Group.

8) Which countries do Hua-An Group have operations in & what is the production capacity?

Hua-An Group has a single production plant located in Linyi City with build-up area of approximately 320,000 sq m. The current production capacity is 1.2 million tones of metallurgical coke. We are in capacity expansion mode, with effect from June 2008 addtional 600,000 tons capacity of metallurgical coke production are commenced.

9) How much capacity is Hua-An Group currently running?

110%. We are able to do so because of our relatively new set-up (since May 2004), modern facility set-up, better blending of coal and charging (compressing) process.

10) What is the dividend payout ratio?

Hua-An Group is targeting to distribute approximately 20% of profit after tax as dividend.